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Our Process

Homes Built to Your Lifestyle

Choose New Home Location

First Stage: Location. Location. Location.

You've heard it before because it's true: the geographic area where you call home matters significantly. There are a few different ways you might select your home site and begin working with DIVCO:

  • A professional Realtor may participate and guide you to an area based on your preferences.
  • You may be attracted to a particular neighborhood and begin communicating with the community's developer.
  • Your friend, a fellow DIVCO customer, might have referred you.
  • One of DIVCO's many Model Homes in some of SWFL's most desirable communities might have made an impression on you.

Ultimately, no matter how you are led to it, you will know when the location just feels "right."

Design, Development, Discovery.

Stage Two

Open communication is the hallmark that defines the DIVCO difference. You will be on the journey to your custom home for a relatively sustained period. What kind of journey would it be without meaningful dialogue? We believe in asking the right questions and building a meaningful ongoing relationship with you, treating you with respect and courtesy the entire way.

Building your ideal Florida home is an emotional experience; we invite your emotions. They are what help us understand your passions and your personal expression so that we can lead our team into building the design you envision.

We refer to this as CUSTOMER EIE: Emotion, Inspiration, and Expression. Finalizing the powerful decision about location evokes a deep level of emotion - it makes the process "real." With this decision, you will undoubtedly feel a new level of determined elation. DIVCO, as your builder of choice, will readily convert your emotion into form and keep the project moving along at the most productive pace possible.

Finishing Standards Established

Stage Three

Our goal is to further enhance your ability to visualize your final product and provide you with a sense of confidence in your selections. We will also take great measure to guide your final choices in plumbing trim, entry doors, appliances, etc. and maintain the financial framework of your contract. DIVCO will remain responsive regarding pricing for items you might prefer, yet fall outside of the agreed upon financial framework; DIVCO's exceptional communication during this stage is intended to alleviate any anxiety you might experience about selecting the best elements for your ideal Florida home. There might be significant paperwork within this phase, but it will all be worth it the day you make your grand entrance through that gorgeous doorway of your choosing!

Create Conceptual Design | Substantiate the Budget

Stage Four

A wise person once said, "Commitment is spelled M.O.N.E.Y." While it might come across as an entertaining statement, the phrase also acknowledges a firm reality - especially when it comes to custom home building. Your emotions are running high as you imagine your new home and we want to capitalize on your emotional creativity, but at the same time, we need to make sure you are aware of the costs associated with your choices. We will always communicate clearly about costs so you'll feel confident that your financial investment will yield a return on the lifestyle you envision in your new DIVCO Custom Home.

Sign the Construction Agreement

Stage Five

With your approval of elevation drawings, floor plan, and interior appearance, we now enter the final pricing aspect of your journey. This part of your journey is intended to create pause. Here, you will consider your previous design decisions in a new way, with an added element of finality. Signed agreements are intended to instill a level of clarity during any type of project; your DIVCO team is committed to maintaining a level of clarity where expectations are concerned. We will guide you through any "What if?" questions regarding features you might consider adding post-contract. More than anything, finalization of the contract phase with our united signatures ushers in the next exciting point on your journey: preconstruction.

Select the Finishing with Designer

Stage Six

When it comes to the exciting aspect of appointing your home your way, DIVCO engages in the highly-regarded DESIGN-BUILD approach to custom home building. Unlike the traditional home building approach in which a building contractor is appointed separately from a designer, DESIGN-BUILD is the favored approach for luxury custom home building because we act as the point of responsibility for both construction and overall home design, both interior and exterior.

Our team of designers will work with you as you express your aesthetic wish list along with your absolute must-have items. We encourage you to set your imagination free, but we will also work to help you remain realistic. In our digital culture, there is an endless stream of visual stimuli available for design inspiration - we recognize that sometimes new ideas appear after a design decision has been made.

If the new inspiration is feasible within your budget and the change can be accommodated in the build process, we may be able to incorporate the change, but not always. Our goal during this phase is for you to visualize walking through your finalized home from room to room imagining the flooring under your feet, the lighting overhead, the artwork on the wall in front of you, using that fixture there, relaxing on this piece of furniture here, and so on.

Review the Contract Compliant (CC) Plans

Stage Seven

Your DIVCO team will obtain all necessary preconstruction approvals before commencing the construction of your new custom home; we are also required to have your agreement that we have performed our due diligence on your behalf regarding building code compliance, etc. We aim to keep this phase of your journey as clear and simple as possible. If you have questions about this part of your journey, just ask!

Watch Your Home Become a Reality

Stage Eight

Can you see it? We can. Every great project begins with an idea that a visionary can see in their mind's eye. In this journey, you are that visionary. It's our job to capture your vision and put it on paper for all to see and approve. Our lifelike 3D drawing of your home's exterior and interior will feature real products and their associated costs so that you can truly visualize your home. We are experts at hearing your wishes and showing you how those wishes might look in real life with state-of-the-art visual aids and industry tools.

Close Communication with the DIVCO Field Management

Stage Nine

It's time for construction. All your tasteful decisions are beginning to come to life. With an excited level of anticipation, you will communicate regularly with your DIVCO team regarding progress. Never hesitate to reach out to us at (239) 592-7222!

Make Your Grand Entrance

Final Stage

It started with a vision. It grew into a decision on where to break ground. It developed into visualizing your ideal Florida home on paper. It consumed your thought process as you carefully selected your fixtures, finishes, and flooring. It created a level of elated concerns unlike any you may have ever experienced. With DIVCO at your side in every step on your journey, it is now a reality. And it is distinctly YOURS. You have arrived at the much-anticipated final stop in your DIVCO customer journey. Welcome home!

Divco Testimonial:

"Our entire experience with Divco, from the kick-off meeting to final walk-through, has truly exceeded our expectations. The process and system to manage the construction of our home were flawless. No details were missed, no surprises occurred... We look forward to many years of enjoyment in our new home with family and friends. Thank you to the Divco team for not just building a house, but for creating a home."

Bruce and Shonna Swift

"Having built multiple homes with Divco, we have been a happy customer for over 15 years. We have appreciate the positive, sustainable relationship we have experienced with ALL Divco representatives plus a great product every time! Any prospective client needs to know that, with Divco, there is always someone available for reassurance and direction regarding any inquiry at any time during the journey. Thank you, Divco, for a job well done!"

Richard and Karen Jury

"Our home management company, which manages homes in upscale communities throughout Southwest Florida, said the construction of our home surpasses most of the homes they manage. If there is an occasion in the future to build another home, we would certainly consider Divco again!"

Lester H. and Nancy C. McKeever

"It is a great pleasure to express our appreciation to the entire Divco staff for the magnificent home you constructed for us on Marco Island. The entire process has been painless and the cooperation and assistance by your entire staff has been nothing short of phenomenal."

Bart and Cathy Coulter

"Building such a large home from a distance can be a scary undertaking but Divco made the process less stressful from start to finish... We look forward to spending many happy years in our beautiful Divco home."

Mary and Michael Swanick

"Having been the general contractor on our personal residence here in Illinois (a 6,500-square-foot custom home), I know that the building process ahead will hold some unexpected challenges but we feel very comfortable that Divco will be able to deliver with the same 'after-sale' professionalism."

John and Mary Costello

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